Crimson Peak (2015) Review

OMG! Tom Hiddleston's butt!... Okay I apologize. I must keep this very professional. This is my first review- all thanks to this movie not because of TH's behind, but because this was a very good movie.  External Links: to IMDB and Wattpad Rated: R Time: 1h 59min Year Released: 2015 Name of the Movie: Crimson Peak... Continue Reading →

I Am A Bookworm!

Yes, I am totally a bookworm! Right now I'm already reading A Clash of Kings from the Song of Ice and Fire Series (aka Game of Thrones 2nd bk). I know I am a bit late but that never bothers me. Time does not matter when it comes to books. Plus so far I'd rather... Continue Reading →

Sight & Sound: Moses

I go insane whenever someone brings up Sight and Sound. If you don't know what this is then let me tell you now. It is a theatre located in Philadelphia and Ohio where they do religious musicals on people in the Bible. Not only is it captivating with their cast of up to 100 but its... Continue Reading →

Authors I Recommend

I enjoy reading. It's one of a writer's favorite things to do. Here are a list of my favorite authors who inspires me to continue writing. Tell me what you think so far. Give me some of your favorite authors and I will check them out. They might make my list!  Mary Lu Tyndall M.L. (MaryLu)... Continue Reading →

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