A prophecy was given to the Realm of Valeera, but only one kingdom took heed to it and set forth a law that would divide the people into two groups. The fair and the strange. One group possessed a promise from the gods while the other is doomed for eternity. Well, that’s what the people believed…

17-year-old Mageia Unknown is an orphan and the leader of a group of defected youths living on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Ardania. Growing up into a skilled thief and sword fighter, she makes it her duty to take care of her family, no matter the cost. But when an act of heroism goes wrong, she is next for the executioner’s sword.

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

STUCK: A Collection of Short Stories

A woman boards a bus in the middle of the night. A twin sister finds herself losing hope in herself and everything else. A grieving woman seeks revenge. A mother yearns to fix what she herself has broken. A teenage girl is lost in a spiral of insecurities. A young woman’s dark guardian angel threatens to take control over her. Everyone is stuck in a maze of darkness. Will they find light? Will they be able to break free?

Genre: Psychological Thriller


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