Hello, I’m LeQuita

First, I want to thank you for checking out my website!

I was born and raised in a loving Christian family in Baltimore, MD. I believe in the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ and trust in the power of God. I enjoy spreading positive energy and providing inspirational and encouraging messages to anyone I pass. I always love to remind people to continue trusting in God, believing in themselves, and never give up. God is an on-time God and he is STILL in control!

My imagination is wild and I have not yet learned how to tame it. I love reading fantasy, psychological realism, and science fiction. Mainly anything with good characters and a good plot and twist. In May of 2022, I self-published a book of short stories called STUCK for my MFA thesis. I am so proud of myself for this accomplishment. I am presently working on a YA fantasy book series called The Fairest which you can read the unedited version for free on Wattpad. Come and join the Fairest Fam! I write short stories as well and I’m pressing myself every day to enter a contest… Praying away my procrastination.

I have my Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from The University of Baltimore. I’ve been published three times! I love DC Comics but I have a huge crush on Spiderman in Marvel. I love to cook and to eat and try new recipes. I’m still working on my baking skills. I am a TV show fanatic, meaning I’d rather watch TV shows than movies. Message me any good ones you’ve seen lately. I will definitely check it out. Gospel music is my favorite but I can get down with some good R&B and Oldies.

On the side, I am a graphic designer and crafter with my own business called LeQuita’s Designs. CHECK IT OUT HERE! I am an editor/proofreader and a web publisher. Let us spread love and joy to those around us. Be Blessed! And thank you for visiting my website!

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