Self-Publishing Coach

Do you have a finished book waiting to be published but you don’t know where or how to start?

Are you in the middle of waiting for responses from query letters?

Are you too busy or need assistance through the process to publishing your work and placing it in the hands of readers?

Do you want to take control over the process and receive full royalties in sales?

Do you simply need help or guidance so everything would work out smoothly?

Well, I KNOW what you may be looking for!

You need a Self-Publishing Coach!

With my services, I can help you through the process of taking control and self-publishing your book, getting it into hands, and making sales. You will learn how to manage everything yourself in case you would like to venture out on your own to self-publish again. My services will answer your questions, conduct research for the best budget-friendly resources, have hands-on assistance with the formation of your book, and help with marketing, distribution, and sales. Together we will make this experience and this journey a joy to remember and of course profitable.

You may choose which services you need. I do offer the choice of all services combined. Limited seats offered.

Please contact me with your inquiry and for costs. Thank you!


Beta Reader – Feedback on the entirety of your work from a reader’s perspective.

Critique Partner – Critique on the entirety of your work from a writer’s perspective.

Both offer Editorial services.


I will provide advice and information on the process of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing your book. You ask the questions and I will answer them and provide resources for you and budget friendly services.


Do you have a finished book?

I can help you properly layout the book for print and/or digital publishing and also provide graphic design services for the interior and exterior of your book.


I will provide best marketing options and graphic design advertisements for promoting your book during and after the book Release Date.


I will research and help sign you up for the best budget friendly distribution platforms. Whether it will be print or digital or both, you will have a solid foundation to direct your future readership for easy and simple purchasing.

You, as the writer/author, have the option to publish your book under LeQuita’s publishing imprint, Royal Writes Publishing. This will not be an additional charge and will be apart of the overall cost.

Everything represented on this page is an accurate representation and explanation of LeQuita C. Harrison’s services.

Page Last Updated: August 2022

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