Samelia: The Divine Seer

"It's a great thing to have divine royal power, but a dangerous thing to not know you have it." Angelia is a mystical realm surviving on the last remnants of pure magic. Darkness forever grows stronger, and though hope continues to dwindle, many still believe in an old prophecy that will restore the realm to... Continue Reading →

ARULA – The New Born Chronicles

Arula is a 9-year-old orphan who sees no promising future for herself and her orphan friends. But when they are sold to a mutated creature, their lives take a major turn. Through many trials and happy moments, Arula discovers that she possess more power than she thought. Magical powers and unbelievable strength to be precise.... Continue Reading →

Future Stone

She saved a human not because he was in danger, but because she yearned for the taste of his flesh. Future Stone is not an ordinary 18-year-old human but a flesh-eater known as a Tally. Unlike her fellow tallies who possess no mind and no heart, she has them both along with the ability to... Continue Reading →

The Immortal Morals

This book is a compilation of inspirational short stories. You can find them on¬†Wattpad.¬†Because I love graphic designing, I took the time to design covers for each short story. Do you have any particular morals that you live or stand by? Morals is one of the bases that makes us human. The ability to comprehend... Continue Reading →

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