The Fiercest Book 3

Book 3 to The Fairest Series

Mageia hoped that going to Fairlaana to find the Vanished Fairest, Tiivon Seviine, and to restore the Starliin would be the last thing she needed to do as the next Fairest of Valeera. But the horrid discovery and betrayal of Tiivon had only made things worse. She and Gris had unknowingly played a part in his dark plan to awaken the six Hearts of Hamino. Now this brings great consequences that sets everyone seeking magic and power on a quest to find the Hearts now vulnerable. And it also awakens a fiercer side of Mageia’s powers, revealing a major fear that could break her into giving up for good. Mageia and an unexpected companion are forced into another quest that involves dealings with Valeeran’s most deadliest pirate lords.

Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

Read the Unedited Version on Wattpad

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