Samelia: The Divine Seer

“It’s a great thing to have divine royal power, but a dangerous thing to not know you have it.”

Angelia is a mystical realm surviving on the last remnants of pure magic. Darkness forever grows stronger, and though hope continues to dwindle, many still believe in an old prophecy that will restore the realm to its original purity.

To Christina Ammeen, this realm is something of the past. A place of refuge at night from the aching feeling of not belonging on Earth. However, the dreams stopped ages ago leaving her to face the fact that she must find a way to connect with her peers or be alone forever.

Alone might be the best route, until she has a sudden dream of Angelia where her mom makes an appearance, gets captured, and falls into a coma. This leads Christina into seeking the truth only to be plunged into a secret reality involving a CIA agency and a divine position. To make matters worse, Christina fails to understand the importance of this position to the people of Angelia, especially those with dark souls.

Instead, she embarks on a mission to save her mom by the only way she knows how. Dreaming. Time is of the essence for both her and her mom. Any minute she could wake up and if she fails to wake her mom, she could lose her forever.

Wild dream travels, soulless creatures, and dark magic, Christina’s journey into the Realm of Angelia has only just begun.

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