Old Book Trailer

I created this book trailer with gifs and pictures back in 2018. I enjoyed this experience and will try and do it again for this present version of The Fairest.

Some of the character representation is different. Obviously, there is no tiger. His name was Mageta and he and Mageia could speak to one another telepathically. I may introduce him later on in the series but without any relations to Mageia. He did appear in the very first draft of The Fairest. So if you are a reader of the original draft, WHAT’S UP! And thanks for sticking with this new draft.

So what do you think about this trailer? Should I take the challenge and create a new one? If you or if you know anyone who is very good at creating book trailers, please let me know!

Thank you for following my blog and the Fairest News. 🙂

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