Reviews & Thoughts

I enjoy movies, television shows, books, and performances. Those that hit me the most, I cannot help but express my thoughts on it. If you agree or disagree with my opinion please express so in a respectful manner in the comment section of the reviews. All thoughts are welcomed and feel free to share and like. Thank you! 

Movie and TV

  1. Black Power and Unity in 2018’s Black Panther
  2. Jumanji 2017- I will rate 60/100
  3. TV Show Person of Interest 
  4. A Shark Wants You For Dinner – Diving Into The Shallow
  5. Crimson Peak (2015) – I See You Hiddleston!
  6. Olympus Has Fallen Movie Review
  7. Modern Family Season 5 Episode 18 Los Vegas
All Things Books

  1. Authors I Recommend (2014)
  2. Writers Digest Forum and Me
  3. Bryan M. Litfin’s Chieveis Trilogy 
  4. I Am a Bookworm
Music Time

  1. When We Pray by Tauren Wells
  2. Saturate Us by Bishop Andrew Merritt 
  3. I Love Gospel Music
  4. A Messiach Hebrew Song
Random Writes

  1. Sight & Sound – Moses
  2. The UB Spotlight with the Rimski-Korsakov String Quartet
  3. Galaxies and Apples… and Education?
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