My Home Away from Home

A Memoir by LeQuita C. Harrison, written 9/20/2014 Comfort is serenity and safety which creates memories. I wouldn’t exclude my own home from this comfort because that is my foundation. It is the place I would run to if something bad would happened, but right now let me lure you towards another place of comfort.... Continue Reading →

The Angel Sculpture

Sometimes there are times in your life when you’re at a major standstill. When it feels like everyone’s twenty steps ahead of you and you’re just stuck in the mud. That’s how I feel sometimes, especially when I think too hard on the future. Would I be a famous writer or artist or have a... Continue Reading →

Points for Interviews

Pointers for Succeeding in a Job Interview (wrote this for my CCBC Essex newspaper) Many students graduate high school and attend college with no job experience. Although, it may seem like most young people get a job before graduating high school there are many who do not. When applying for a job one must feel... Continue Reading →

How Vulnerable is our Country? Looking into Olympus Has Fallen By LeQuita C. Harrison  Many Americans believe that the United States is for the most part undefeatable. With our strong military base and fairly balanced government system and laws of many opportunities, it is hard to doubt our strength. Throughout history we have fought our... Continue Reading →

(wrote this for my CCBC Essex journalism course) There is a lot to be said about mobile devices today and how many people have become dependent on them. Either consciously or unconsciously people find themselves in the middle of deciding, which one is better, the library or the Internet, talking on the telephone or text... Continue Reading →

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