When History & Bible Unites

Today, people like to separate our world history from the Bible as if the Bible is just a book of fictional stories. They do not want to admit that every person, story, place, and event are real and actually played a huge part in the creation and development of our world as we know it. If it wasn’t for God and his decision to breathe into Adam’s nostrils we would not exist. If it wasn’t for Moses we would not have a solid foundation of law, morality, and spirituality. If it wasn’t for Daniel we would not have been blessed to receive God’s prophecies of world events and the end times. If it wasn’t for Apostle Paul and Jesus’ Disciples we would not know how to walk in the Spirit of God or how to trust in God. And last but not least, if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ we would be lost souls with no open door to salvation.  

The Bible is our history, so embrace it, and be blessed. 

HistBibe will give factual, scriptural, and resourceful information in hopes of bringing you closer to God and accepting Jesus Christ. 

People in the Bible

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