God Loves to Have Fun Too

God may be a serious god, but He loves to have fun too.

Why do you think He gave the creation of man humor, imagination, creativity, and love? Why do you think He gave us the ability to smile and to laugh? 

The scriptures tell us that God created man in His image. This means everything about us, from our features to our inward appearances to our very personalities we are a part of God in many ways. Excluding the sin that we are fleshly born into, we have every capability to be like Jesus. That is and should be our goal in our life.

We must remember that Jesus came to Earth to be an example for us. In some movie depictions of Jesus, they have him very serious yet humble. But do not forget he had attended a wedding where there was most likely celebration, laughter, and fun. The Word tells us that Jesus even wept which meant he had times in his life where he laughed with his family and his disciples. He possessed similar emotions as we do, but of course, he was anointed and without sin. AMEN!

There is nothing wrong with having fun as long as it does not cross the line into sin. God gave us His Ten Commandments as well as other moral advice on how to spend our time. Yes it’s okay to enjoy the fruit of your labor or the gift of liberty, but we must beware of the devices of Satan at the same time. We cannot fall prey to Satan’s deceptions and temptations.

God loves to have fun too! Remember that we all were created in His liking. He made everything good. So in the midst of your trials and tribulation, rejoice. Dance and give praise, sing a song or shout to the clouds passing by because you are alive and are grateful for God’s mercies to let you see another day. God had gifted King David to be a poet of his time. He wrote songs and poetry (as we know as Psalms) that not only pointed out sin or sought the presence of God, but also celebrated for being alive…in God.

Every time you celebrate something in your life, remember how King David did it. In the midst of his joy he returned and gave God thanks for his mercy, his love, his grace, and his power. God created us. We are His creation. So go ahead and have fun…but do it in the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the precious Holy Spirit.

Have a blessed day and don’t forget to shout!

-Written by LCH

Remember Jesus and Have Fun!!

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