I am a Jesus Fanatic

Hello, I am a Jesus fanatic. 

If Jesus Christ was to run for President of the United States, I would drop everything faster than a heartbeat. All of my time would be spent on his campaign, his speeches, and his well-being. I would be in charge of his security detail and the chef in his kitchen. All of the positions would be mines, especially his sponsor and marketer. It would be in my best interest- my soul’s best interest to make sure he is the victor. 

That’s how much I love him. 

Jesus has done so much for me already that filling those positions would not be enough. He died for me and I wasn’t even born yet. He saved my soul and continues to shower blessings upon me day after day. Jesus does not have to become president because he’s already a King in my life

Yes, I am a Jesus fanatic. 

People may look at me weird or read my inspirational words like they’re empty, but it does not discourage me. Why should I be afraid to speak my mind when I have an amazing King on my side? I serve him and no one else. He said in His Word that my enemies will fall if they try to harm me. That is a ruler who keeps his word and protects those who loves him and loves them in return. 

Yes, I am a Jesus fanatic.

When I see the devastation occurring around the world, I pray. I can’t do anything else and even if I tried it would not be enough. The more closer I cling to Jesus Christ the louder I can hear the blood of many screaming from the land and the sea. Still the more I cling, the more I pray, the more I hope, the more I serve in hopes that one day all will drop their weapons and open their hearts to an unconditional love. 

Yes, I am a Jesus fanatic, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Why sit and watch the world crumble around you when you can see the blessings in store at the end? Jesus, my King, is coming back. He will stand from his mighty throne in Heaven, gather his holy army, and descend from the clouds to claim what is RIGHTFULLY HIS. This Earth belongs to him. So why tread behind useless people who have no heart and no sense of compassion and merciless souls to gain riches and power that doesn’t even belong to them?? Why tread behind godless people who can’t even admit there is a god who’s God alone

Yes, I am a Jesus fanatic, and I’m waiting for him to return. 

Yet still I will pray. Still I will hold on. Still, I will spread His Word because one day I’m going to make you a fanatic too. 

-Remember King Jesus because He is REAL!!

Sincerely, LeQuita C. Harrison


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