Book Completed on Wattpad

One goal of mines has been accomplished!

As of yesterday, I have finished and posted the first unedited draft of the beginning of a wild series called Samelia. The book is called The Divine Seer. Below is the summary of what this book is all about. If you would like to read it, you can do so on Wattpad. Even though the unedited version is on Wattpad, it is still copyrighted and all rights are reserved to me (LeQuita C. Harrison). In the meantime, I will be writing Book 2 and seeking print publication for Book 1. Thank you so much to all of my fantastic readers who joined Christina Ammeen on her first journey to Angelia. 

Samelia Book 1: The Divine Seer Summary

Withholding a secret can have dark repercussions.

14-year-old Christina Ammeen has been dreaming of a mystical realm called Angelia ever since she can remember. She feels drawn to it to the point of obsession. But whenever she mentions the realm to her mother, she always acts weird. It’s as if she’s keeping a secret and the longer she holds it in the more she realizes that one day Christina’s curiosity may reach its limit.

That day suddenly approaches when her mom appears in a dream for the first time and falls into a strange coma. Angry and grieved, Christina seeks the truth only to be injected into a secret reality involving a CIA agency, soul-sucking wraiths, and a divine position. To make matters worst, Christina knows nothing about this divine position and fails to realize how important it is to many Angelians, especially, those with dark souls.

Wild dream travels, soulless creatures, and dark magic, Christina’s journey into the Realm of Angelia has only just begun.


Adventure rate #87 | 2/7/2017 | Fantasy | Teen and YA Fiction | Some strong language, NO mature scenes


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