TRAPPED series

Book Cover TrappedWhen you get a chance please check out my Trapped Series.

It’s a work in the making but it’s worth your time. Click Book Cover to be transported to MyFigment.

In the years after 2016 United States of America fell as we know it. For a long time it was governed by sects of people known as tribes until one day in Europe a scientist discovered a way to reestablish the US through the use of mental technology. But it is not legal and was ruled a great way for the US to pay a failed debt that brought them to their downfall in the first place.
Living in this high-tech world where people are divided by social class and the every day life is monitored and controlled by the Hyper Government, 16-year-old Alyssa Marrow claims she has had enough. After the mysterious death of her parents by this so-called authority, she joins a rebellious group who offers what may be the only solution in bringing down the technical world. But will they break her into commitment and obedience before she completes her mission? Follow Alyssa on her mission to reclaim the country she once loved so much.



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