Modern Family- Season 5 Episode 18 Los Vegas

Modern Family is the most hilarious show other than the Big Bang Theory. 

If you want a good laugh these people can give it to you. 

I just finished watching Season 5 Episode 18: Los Vegas. I died laughing. 

They go on a trip to Los Vegas where everyone has their own agendas. 

  • Phil attends a magician group he’s been practicing for.. yea guess how that goes
  • Clare turns into a gambler in order to restock the money she lost from gambling
  • Gloria tries to get rid of a female dog butler before Jay sees it
  • Jay is trying to contact the owner of the hotel because he realized the man jipped him of the best rooms
  • Mitchel is just enjoying his vacation with relaxing spa treatments
  • Cameron in secret tried to attend their gay friend’s bachelor party only for it to backfire when the guy (who still has a crush on Mitch) ends up getting entangled into everyone’s affairs. 
  • Strange… yeah, the guy along with this hotel butler unconsciously became the turn of events for everyone which was super hilarious!!!
  • of course at the very end everything turned to normal, working out fine, except Jay who found out he was jipped again.

Bummer! This show is great! Had the best laugh- silent laugh- ever here at work. 0_o

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