Writers Digest Forum and Me

ONE DAY I will make it under this category. Right now I’m in the process of writing my first novel. It’s a mixture of fantasy, magic, dark arts, Elves, dragons, psychotic kings, and much much more…even mermaids…

Sometimes I get the urge to give up, but I have an encouraging family and the wonderful copy editors on Writers Digest YA Forum. They are awesome…even the other members. They give great advice and tells me repeatedly to keep it going. Don’t give up!

And writing is supposed to be for fun. I adore writing and sometimes I’m afraid it’ll conquer my entire being and leave me senseless in the middle of a desert. But with Jesus on my side I know I can do anything. When I see people getting their work published before me it pushes me harder to stay focused and enjoy what I write.

I pray when my work does get published people would enjoy it and maybe it’ll make this list and win some awards.

God Bless Me and my writing!

come and join the Writers Digest Forum. Believe me these people are the best!!! Forums

1 thought on “Writers Digest Forum and Me

  1. Keep the pen to the paper. You have my prayers for your continual success. God bless you.

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