Samelia, The Gifted Awakens

Samelia, The Gifted Awakens

Hey everyone! I have finished my first book! It’s called Samelia, The Gifted Awakens. If you be so kind can you check it out? Please read it and add your comments, rates, and reviews on it please so that I know it’s being read. Thank you so much and enjoy!

I have been working on this novel since the beginning of this summer and would appreciate to have some of ya brilliant minds to read it and help me out with its popularity. Thank you so much. While you at it, sign up for a Figment account. There are some amazing writers on this site and they would appreciate some more readers.


When a sudden change of events occur at once, twelve-year-old Christina Ammeen finds herself as the subject of a great secret. Not knowing who to trust, she mysteriously begins to have dreams and blackouts of another world that ends up erasing from her memory when she awakes. This causes her to have harsh headaches and adds on to her unusual personality that unconsciously marks her as an outcast amongst her peers. As she continues on with her troubled life she starts to investigate this dangerous secret that unravels not only who she really is but the power she has from within.
When Christina is summoned by someone unbelievable who tells her what she needs to know, she is sent off to complete a very dangerous task. This task is the first step into putting this unknown dream world and its magic back under control. Also to test her gifts and abilities for a remarkable future to come.
Join Christina on her first journey in the Dream Realms where there’s magic, pirates, and unusual people and creatures.


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